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Shohadaye Tajrish Educational Hospital is located in the northern section of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The land of the hospital had become under the ownership of the Municipality of Tehran some 90 years ago, and for about 20 years since that time, it had been used as the Municipality Office Headquarters. It was then used as a clinic and center for vaccination whose location had been where the present restaurant is. The land had been later transferred to Shahanshahi (Kingdom) Organization and Social Welfare. The official activity of the hospital began in 1961 with the construction of a three-storey building following of which the buildings of the present clinic and the doctors’ sitting room, as well as the six-storey building were constructed and inaugurated for use. 

The building where the present pathology department is located in and the hospital’s classrooms for staff education have begun operation in 1975. The oncology and radiotherapy department began operation in 1997 (The department was established in 1993). The famous charity organization, known as ‘Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization’ which helps and supports cancer patients, started activities in 1997 in the same building of the oncology and radiotherapy department. It has to be noted that only cobalt therapy was performed in the department. 



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